About Us

Our mission is to help YOU and your loved ones Attract and Manifest True Happiness and unlimited Abundance.

Studies show that "Everything and Everyone around you is send out Energy and frequencies." Sending out the right Energy and Frequencies using positive thinking and optimistic inspiration leads to a better life. Our goal is to encourage and empower abundance Energy and frequencies, with positive "Mantra" messages. Wearing "MoneE Magnet" branded Apparel sends a clear and powerful message to the Universe that you are ready for Happiness and Abundance. These positive affirmations are a daily reminder of happiness, inspiration, manifestation and mindful attraction.

This simple, yet proven Law of Attraction and Manifestation has been practiced for centuries by almost all super successful people.

What is the law of Attraction and Manifestation?

Manifestation and the Law of Attraction is the ability to use naturally occurring universal Energy and Frequencies to bring things or desires into our reality.

This Universal law has been stated in many different ways, since the beginning of time;

  •  "You get what you give"
  •  "You are what you think"
  • "What you put out into the universe is what you will get back from the universe"

The lives and testimony of many of the greatest minds and most successful people in history have provided proven evidence that the law of Attraction and Manifestation works. If you want to Attract Happiness and Abundance, the key step is, to put that desire out into the universe,, then apply continuous focus and attention on your desire..

If you want to be a "Magnet for Money and Abundance" you need to make it Crystal Clear to the universe that "You Are a Money Magnet". The "MONEE MAGNET" brand make it easy for you to incorporate positive "MONEE MAGNET" related mantras into your daily life.

When you buy our beautiful, high quality "MONEE MAGNET" branded products, you immediately enter into the "Attract Abundance Mindset". This empowers you to focus your positive universal energies and attention on the goal of Attracting and Manifesting Happiness and Abundance" into your life.

Jim Carrey is a perfect example of how "the law of attraction" works, in real life. The super successful comedian sat down in 1995 and wrote himself a FUTURE check for Ten Million dollars ($10,000,000). He wrote this check as part of his Attracting and Manifesting message to the universe. A few years later Jim started cashing REAL 10 million dollar checks. Watch Jim talk about the law of Attraction and Manifestation in the video below. 

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