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Beautiful Affirmation Mantra Bangles: Attract Happiness and Abundance

Beautiful Affirmation Mantra Bangles: Attract Happiness and Abundance

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I am a Affirmation Mantra Bangles, I am Unstoppable, I Attract Happiness and I Attract Abundance Gold Affirmation Bangles. Be beautiful, unstoppable while attracting happiness and abundance Affirmation Mantra Bangles, with our exclusive Law of Attraction Manifestation Bangles.

These beautiful high quality bracelets are engraved with powerful affirmations to help you manifest your dreams faster. Let the power of the law of attraction transform your life!

Affirmation Mantra Bangles, attract Happiness and Abundance are Powerful and very Effective Affirmation that will UNLEASH and AMPLIFY your positive energy. Allowing you to send a clear and constant message to the universe, about your desires and intentions. 

Using the Universal Law of Attraction can improve your life and help you to attract and manifest your dream life.

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"I am Unstoppable" bangles is a great addition to any jewelry collection. This beautiful piece is an excellent gift for a friend, a loved one, or yourself. Crafted from the highest quality material this bangle should be worn daily as a powerful signal to the universe that you are ready for happiness and abundance.

Affirmation Mantra Bangles Details and Quality:

Size:  one size fit most / length 160 mm / width 4 mm / 3.5 cm opening.

Style: Timeless, Beautiful, Sexy, Sophisticated, Refined, Classy and Bold.

Material: Made from the finest quality Stainless Steel. Affirmation Mantra Bangles is water friendly and safe for sensitive skin. It is tarnish resistant and nickel and Lead free. May also be available in Black, Silver, 18K plated Gold & 18K plated Rose Gold.

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